Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed June 10, 2009

It's my first time to use my blog and I am a little nervous. Stayed up late last night making cards for Father's Day. Mike, my oldest son, came to watch the Laker playoff with his dad and brought his project with him. Niccole arrived later after meeting with a Kelly (her grandfather passed away) to help her out. Baked oatmeal pecan coconut cookies, liked by all. Brian, my youngest son, came home after church midweek. I cooked italian sausage and white bean soup with ham flavoring. Brian specially like the soup and said "this is good Mom!"

Going on FB last night I learned that my friend Hazel's daughter and son was in a car accident. They were transported to the ER and I will go to see Hazel and have lunch with her and if she needs for me to drive her to the hospital. The minivan was totalled according to her and it turned over on it's top. A woman entered the intersection and made a left and Erica was going straight, she's in the right of way. I pray that they are not badly hurt.

Ta ta for now...