Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have a medical condition that affects my health called fibromyalgia. This condition has held me captive in a body full of pain and depression. My sister who is an Registered Nurse by profession, introduced me to Javita coffee weight loss system. I was skeptical at first but since she gave me some to try for a week I had to try it.

  The very first day I have to say, I was like an energy bunny...I have not had this kind of energy  in years!!! Also, I found that my pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia decreasing!!! Needless to say,   had to continue with this coffee, soo simple and yet effective. I noticed I was loosing some of the fat around my waistline!!! I was amazed! My husband is a pessimist and he was seeing a difference in my demeanor. has began to give me support.

 As the week went along...I ran out of Javita coffee burn and control...a couple of days passed I realized my pain have returned and loss all the energythat I had when I was on Javita. I was convinced I need this coffee so I joined in on the bandwagon. My sister shared with me her website where I can order my coffee.

  I have become a firm believer in Javita Coffee.  I need this now so I opted to a quicker shipment time...I don't want this pain and lack of I requested the 2 day shipment. Good bye pain hello world here I come!

  I have now been taking Javita coffee for 5 days since it arrived in the mail and my pain is diminishing.  I am energized and I feel great! Finally!  I can see a light in the horizon bye, bye pain, depression!!!

I have shared this coffee with  friends and family and I can't wait to see what effects they feel while drinking Javita coffee.

 I do not have any regrets...I will keep drinking Javita coffee and help other in the process.
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