Monday, April 5, 2010


Belated Happy Easter everyone!
Yesterday we went to church and rushed home to prepare goodies to bring to Niccole's Easter get together. We met at 3pm. We played scrabble; Dad tried to help all of us again taking over the game hehehe. And of course helping Mari win the game eventually winning! Michael cooked bbQ, Niccole and Celeste were busy in the kitchen preparing a wonderful treat for all of us. Grandma was there with us and she sat quietly watching us all. Niccole and Celeste made raspberry white chocolate creamcheese cake yummmy!!! Brian and I thought it was the best cheesecake we've ever had. Celeste also made this yummy potato salad that is to die for!Apparently she makes this type of foods only 4 time a year that being Easter, 4th of July Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I asked for some to take home and they gave us some. Niccole also prepared bbq beans that is wonderful! We had ham, korean bbq, rice guinataan, salad and all the works! We had a blast. Niccole and Celeste even had a surprise for us They prepared goodie bags filled with chololate yummies!!! After we all crashed on the couch sleepy. A good time was had by all!