Friday, November 20, 2009

Lesson learned for the day how to place slide show on the sidebar! Yippee! This took forever it seems but just clicking several buttons got me to where I wanted to go! Happy with the results and can't wait to post some of the Christmas cards I've made.
Lovely day looking forward to Roland coming home early so we can spend more time together. Last weekend we were at a marriage retreat and I had a blast! Learned so much more on how to be a better woman of God firstly and to be more loving to my husband. I am now officially his lead cheerleader, helper, and hopefully a great best friend. Loved our times together...

I made some Christmas cards last night and will take pics of those. Will try to post these on a slide show before the weekends. We go to our family group Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow and for potluck my share is a vegetable gratin and banana cake. Roland got a taste of it last night, the cake I mean, and he ate two pieces and wanted me to pack him a couple more this morning for his breakfast at work. He's been working 12 hour days these past few weeks and I see he's exhausted. Need to give him something to help pick him up.
The picture above was taken at the Vargas' home a celebration of some church family togetherness. Lovely idea by Ron Kitamura, sad to say he hurt his back and was not able to attend. Shirley his wife was there. The planning took a few weeks to prepare and we all had a blast! Don't we look happy? We were very happy!

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