Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend DH and I went to my sisters to celebrate all family members birthdays from Jan to June. I had a blast!!! My nephews have grown so much since I last I saw them. My sisters and I just went shopping til we dropped. I dropped anyway hehehe. Leah showed all are glimmer mist haul and a new tool by M. Ross punch impression set. She got these at a bargain over at ebay!!! She was so blessed by it and she shared her blessing with me. I got the marshmallow glimmer mist that she had extra. I also received some wonderful gifts from Elaine, Leah and June. Leah and June gave me stamps and Leah gave me so much goodies she purchased at the convention in San Diego CA. YAY!!! June receive some as well. The stamp I received from June was sooo big it was a huge circle full of clear stamps!!! Elaine gave me globe watering thing for my future plants. I had a blast attending church there and REVO where my nephews Aaron and Nicky sang (awesome singers takes after our family hehehe) and lead the music along with some other talented young people. We shared so much joy, fun and love. I can't wait for the next time we meet.

Roland was so giving this weekend. He wanted me to have fun with my sisters and volunteered to watch the boys. I felt his efforts in pleasing me I love that about him!!! Daniel and David's birthday celebrated and Daniel said "I don't want you to go home" to his uncle Roland. That melted my heart and I wanted to take him home!!! David on the other hand when I asked him "Can I take Daniel home?" he said "Why?" with a sad look on his face.

My sisters love to hang out with each other and we can't get enough time for each other...

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